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On Thinking Outside The Box

On Wednesday, April 10th, 2013, a number of librarians, library assistants, and SLAIS students from UBC, SFU and various public libraries gathered at UBC to participate in Innovation Boot Camp.  Innovation Boot Camp is a unique program created by M.J. D’Elia and Robin Bergart, librarians at the University of Guelph who were curious about, and decided to investigate, the nature of innovation. They sought to answer the following questions:

Can innovation be intentionally learned?  Can innovation be cultivated? Can anyone learn to be innovative in a supportive environment? As a participant at this workshop, I would answer all three of these questions with an emphatic and enthusiastic yes!

M.J. did an outstanding job of introducing the program, its history and our goals for the day. He acknowledged that some people may be feeling nervous or shy and encouraged us to be open to the experiences we’d share throughout the day.  From the very first activity to the very last, we were actively engaged in the ideas and processes of innovation and creative thinking.  Participants were exposed to stimulating and inventive instructional activities that encouraged them to: collaborate, take risks, identify problems, frame problems, generate ideas by thinking laterally, challenge their assumptions, evaluate the quality of ideas and improve ideas.

The workshop was an overwhelming success, partly because the participants were enthusiastic and optimistic about their learning goals, and partly because M.J. is an outstanding facilitator who helped us stay committed to thinking outside the box!

Thank you to ALPS, IKBLC, UBC HR and UBC FA-LAC for co-sponsoring the event. 



Innovation Bootcamp now open to all library staff and SLAIS students! Register today!

Don’t Miss Out…IBC is coming to UBC!

Librarians and library staff from Alberta to Philadelphia to Ontario have had the chance to participate in the exciting Innovation Boot Camp (IBC) workshop and now IBC is coming to UBC on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013!

This exciting professional development opportunity is a collaborative effort between ALPS, the University of BC (UBC) Library’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC’s Human Resources Department and the UBC Faculty Association’s Librarians and Archivists Committee.

Who Can Attend IBC?

This event is now open to all library staff and SLAIS students.

Why Attend IBC?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking any of the following questions, then this is your opportunity to meet with likeminded library folk in a learning environment that’s guaranteed to promote innovative thinking!

  • How can I think more innovatively and creatively in my daily work?
  • What does innovation look like in an academic library environment?
  • How do we develop and sustain creativity and innovativeness in our library?
  • Will a more innovative library better support student learning?

Discover how injecting simple creative problem solving strategies into your everyday work environment can generate ideas more quickly, boost overall productivity, and build high-performing teams.

What Will I Learn at IBC?

This active learning workshop will engage participants in a number of activities designed to inspire, energize, and challenge. Participants will work together to identify a problem worth solving, generate potential ideas to solve that problem, strengthen their solutions, and make a final “rocket pitch” to support their best idea.  Innovation Boot Camp can help make creative thinking a habitual part of our practice and profession. Anyone can learn to be creative when given the right environment. PS – It will be fun!

Registration Information

  • BCLA Members: $50
  • Non-BCLA Members: $60
  • Students: $40

Breaks: Refreshments & Coffee – 8:30-9.00, mid-morning break, lunch break. ** The cost of registration covers lunch.**

1. Register at innovation4libraries.eventbrite.ca  PASSWORD: innovation

2. Choose BCLA Member or Non-Member and the quantity of tickets. (Ticket prices in the software are listed as FREE. This is due to the fact that in order to keep registration costs down, we cannot accept online payment. Please choose one of the offline payment methods below).

3. Select the ALPS Pub Night @ UBC if you wish to attend.

4. After registering, pay by CHEQUE or CASH at the event. See instructions for payment options below

A: Pay by cheque:

Make your cheque payable to UBC Library and mail to the following address:

Tara Stephens

Rm. 266 Walter C. Koerner Library

1958 Main Mall

Vancouver, BC

V6T 1Z2


B: Cash at the door:

We will be accepting cash at the door of the event between 8:30AM- 8:55AM. A receipt will be provided. Exact change is appreciated.