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Announcing the winners of the 2013 ALPS Award for Outstanding Service

Jean Blackburn and Dan Sifton from Vancouver Island University Library are the recipients of this year’s Award.

Jean and Dan are most deserving of the ALPS Award for Outstanding Service because of their innovative thinking in asking themselves “why do we continue to have overdue fines at our Library?”  Upon closer examination, it seemed as though the disadvantages of fines outweighed the advantages.

After reviewing the Library’s systems and procedures related to loans and overdue fines, Dan and Jean successfully advocated for the removal of fines for most materials for students and faculty (inter-library loans and course reserves are excluded); making VIU the first academic library in Canada to officially cancel fines.

Congratulations Jean and Dan!


ALPS Executive 2012/2013

Introducing your ALPS Executive for 2012/2013 :

Chair:  Tara Stephens, UBC
Chair-Elect:  Sarah Stang, UBC- O
Continuing Education Coordinator (2nd year):  Rebecca Dowson, SFU F
Continuing Education Coordinator (1st year):  Aleha McCauley, UBC
Recording Secretary:  Danielle Winn, UBC
SLAIS Student Representatives: Nick Josten & Ebony Magnus

Thanks to outgoing Chair Todd Rowlatt (VCC),  outgoing Continuing Education Coordinator Deb Nielsen (UNBC) and outgoing SLAIS student representative Cynthia Ng (UBC), for all of their hard work last year!