UFV Launches the South Asia History Bibliography

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Library has launched the South Asia History Bibliography: http://www.ufv.ca/library/guide/Asian_Studies/South_Asia_Bibliography.htm


This project originated with Dr. David Milobar from the Department of History, and the contents of the bibliography are resources that David has identified in his years of research on the history of South Asia.  History liaison librarian Mary-Anne MacDougall worked with David to turn this into an online bibliography that could be shared with the public using Refworks software, with technical assistance provided by librarian Colleen Bell.  UFV student Tamarack Hockin did an outstanding job of editing, verifying and uploading the citations into Refworks.  She worked on the first two sections (British Raj and Company Raj) in the Winter 2008 semester.  She then went on to complete all the remaining sections (General, Mughal India, Post 1947 India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pre 1947 Punjab and Post 1947 Punjab and Indo-Canadian and South Asia Diaspora) in the Summer semester.  To date there are over 3,000 records in the database.


This bibliography is a wonderful example of a successful collaboration between UFV teaching faculty, UFV faculty librarians, and UFV students.


Submitted by: Colleen Bell, Information Literacy and Web Services Librarian, University of the Fraser Valley


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